HeapHero: Memory is not cheap
HeapHero: Memory is not cheap, and Application Performance Improvement Parameters - Memory Tool - HeapHero Most of the developers facing some issues while development is completed API Loading Threads block GC Perform Duplicate String or Objects Inefficient Collections Coding Standard CPU, Memory, Network, Storage More Object Created One of the widely wasted resources in the… Continue reading HeapHero: Memory is not cheap
Notification Engine as a Microservice
Notification Engine as a Microservice Microservice architecture Rubique has developed a communication platform in house to notify its customers and associates of every significant event in the loan, card or insurance journey without overwhelming him/her with too many notification. Our customer research indicates that the key challenge faced by the customers or the associates is… Continue reading Notification Engine as a Microservice
Hystrix Circuit Breaker Pattern
Why is Circuit Breaker Pattern? If we design our systems on microservice-based architecture, we will generally develop many Microservices and those will interact with each other heavily in achieving certain business goals. Now, all of us can assume that this will give the expected result if all the services are up and running and the… Continue reading Hystrix Circuit Breaker Pattern
Event-Driven Data Management
Microservices and the Problem of Distributed Data Management A monolithic application typically has a single relational database. A key benefit of using a relational database is that your application can use ACID transactions, which provide some important guarantees: Atomicity – Changes are made atomically Consistency – The state of the database is always consistent Isolation – Even though transactions are executed concurrently… Continue reading Event-Driven Data Management